Proteus Office

Proteus Office provides a total call management solution for SME’s, ranging from 30 to 120 users.

The system allows business managers to effectively monitor and manage their telephony utilisation and expenditure. Businesses using Proteus Office typically produce a return on investment (ROI) within 6 months, by identifying immediate cost savings and improving productivity.

Key Features

      • Over 30 standard reports with the option to define specific report parameters.
      • Ad-hoc and scheduled reporting for automatic delivery by e-mail.
      • Report export formats include Excel, CSV, PDF and HTML.
      • Manage your organisational structure for department and person level reporting.
      • Real-time analysis of calls.
      • Wallboard for displaying key PBX activity..
      • Support for PIN numbers and account codes
      • Multiple categories of reporting including billing, departmental, by extension, by person, by response time and by traffic.
      • GUI platform, with option to add P-Client to multiple user desktops.


Business Benefits

      • Fast to deploy single-site solution.
      • Validate telephone bills.
      • Identify cost savings by optimizing call plans, eliminating unused assets- and telephone misuse.
      • Measure customer response and handling times.
      • Identify missed or unanswered calls.
      • Easy to read reports in data and graphical formats.
      • Free wallboard functionality.
      • Short ROI for your business.


Business Fit

    Designed for businesses with single sites and single currency plan.


Interface & Connectivity

    Interfaces with traditional and IP switches, with true IP connectivity.



    Real-time or timed analysis of calls, consistent with switch data.