SmartInteraction Suite

SmartInteraction Suite (SIS) is an innovative voice recording system for medium and corporate enterprises.
SmartInteraction Suite is a carrier-grade voice recording solution that is designed for service providers who wish to provide interaction recording as a service within their network. It is the perfect solution for contact centres, compliance, and liability protection recording. The system includes options for capturing voice, screen, and text-based communications.

SmartInteraction Suite Components

    The fundamental recording platform, is built on industry leading architecture that delivers five-9s availability and reliability, coupled with options for local and geographical redundancy. The easy to use interface has consistently been praised by customers. It provides comprehensive, yet easy to navigate, search, playback, monitoring, alerting and reporting functions that require little or no training.
    A fully integrated solution for real time speech analytics using phonetic based indexing with automatic categorization of calls based on pre-established criteria, presented as an add-on value to the SmartRecord platform.
    Extends and completes the call handler recording process by linking the voice recording with the corresponding visual recording of the desktop activity. Voice and video can be played back together or isolated. This capability is extremely beneficial for service improvement, compliance, training and general oversight, presented as an add-on value to the SmartRecord platform.
    Performance evaluation training tool allows for the creation of survey forms, then the management of the evaluation process through both voice and screen recordings captured for specific agents, presented as an add-on value to the SmartRecord platform.


Key Features of SmartRecord

      • HTML 5 compliant dashboard, graphical call detail reporting, real time monitoring, and system health.
      • Monitor calls in real time.
      • No client software required for playback. Uses standard media players.
      • Comprehensive and user friendly search utility.
      • Comprehensive usage reporting.
      • Real-time alerting and automatic categorisation.
      • Maintain a departmental company structure for ease of maintenance.
      • Fully definable user access to the systems down to individual feature access.
      • Flexible and comprehensive recording policy management down to extension level.


Storage & Archive

      • Flexible local or network storage options including support for redundant storage using distributed file system (DFS) global file system (GFS), EMC, Brocade, etc
      • Powerful archive utility for managing offline storage backup


Business Benefits

      • Helps businesses meet PCI DSS (Global), ISO 9001 (Global), FSC (UK), MiFID (Europe), HIPPA (USA), CPNI (USA), SAS-70 (USA), and other regulations
      • 256-bit AES encrypted recordings
      • MD5 digital fingerprint
      • Strong password strength standards
    Security & Protection
      • Protection against litigation
      • Record orders and customer instructions
      • Capture evidence of abusive or malicious callers
      • Record emergency calls
      • Audit of user access to system recordings
    Customer Service
      • Set targets for key performance indicators
      • Telesales training and evaluation tool
      • Monitor staff presentation and performance
    Dispute Resolution
      • Accurate record of customer instructions
      • Add notes to the call in real time or on playback
      • Forward recording via email
      • Integration with CRM systems


Platform and Integration

      • Cisco UCM via JTAPI and built-in-bridge, or via SPAN por.
      • Avaya CM via Duplicate Media Call Control (DMCC) on Avaya AES, or via port mirroring.
      • Mitel 3300 via Mitel’s Secure Recording Connector (SRC).
      • Speakerbus i-Turret.
      • BroadSoft BroadWorks via SIPREC.
      • Acme Packet via SIPREC.
      • Other SIP switches via back-to-back user agent (B2BUA) or port mirroring.
      • Other IP switches via port mirroring.
      • TDM via passive wire tapping.


Business Fit

    Designed for medium and corporate businesses with single or multiple sites.


Interface & Connectivity

    Interfaces with trading platforms, traditional and IP switches.



    Real-time recording platform.


Compliance & Security

    PCI DSS (Global), ISO 9001 (Global), FSC (UK), MiFID (Europe), HIPPA (USA), CPNI (USA), SAS-70 (USA), 256-bit AES encrypted recordings.